Image Gallery

  Gallery 1 canoncamera     500 Owners Association May 2015
Bridge Tyres Championship Awards Evening 2016
M.G. Car Club (South West) September 2016
  Gallery 2   Five Clubs - September 2016
National Hill Climb Association - September 2016
  Gallery 3 canoncamera   British Championship  (Woolbridge M. C.) - July 2016
Torbay/Wildlife - May 2016 & Woolbridge April 2017
Gallery Retro canoncamera A look back to the 1960s
andrewforsythvideoimage scottmoranvideoimage

See the challenging Wiscombe Park course from a driver's perspective with Andrew Forsyth aboard a 2.0 litre Vauxhall powwered Westfield SEi.

Double national champion, Scott Moran as he guides his Gould GR61X along the daunting Castle Straight at circa 125 mph.

  At Wiscombe Park it is usually high-tec racing cars that are
seen in action but at a corporate day for Exeter chartered
accountants Bishop Fleming, David Appleby chauffeured guests up the 900 metre course in his Group N rally
prepared 4.3 litre Aston Martin V8 Vantage in a flamboyant style. Check it out from a vantage point at the Sawbench Hairpin and from the co-drivers seat.

Click hairpin for the Sawbench perspective and in car to get next to the driver!