The Hill

The length of the course is approximately 1000 yards (914 metres). The average gradient is 1 in 13.6 and the steepest section is at the Martini Hairpin where it is 1 in 6.9.


The outright hill record stands at 33.92 seconds to Trevor Willis (OMS 25 - 3.2 Powertech) and was set on July 29th 2012. The same day saw Olivia Cooper establish a new womens record on 38.76 with her Force HC whilst the two wheel record also fell during the year with Ben Wilkins taking his Aprilia Falco to the top in 40.28.

The fastest sections of the course are the Wis and Castle Straights where, in the case of the latter, the fastest cars are geared to achieve 125 m.p.h.

A controlled pedestrian crossing (Castle Straight) enables spectators to migrate from the enclosure at the Esses to the Sawbench Hairpin and vice versa. This crossing is open after the competing cars return down the hill in groups.

Some drivers believe that Wiscombe Park is one, if not the most challenging hill in the national championship. Once you have witnessed the drivers fighting their machines through the camber changes of The Esses and then rounding the hairpins at Sawbench and Martini it becomes obvious that this is a 'drivers' hill. A demanding drivers hill!


Wiscombe House, adjacent to the competitors paddock, was built in 1820 by the Gordon family and was purchased by Richard and Bunny Chichester in 1953. Major Richard Chichester had befriended Major Charles Lambton, an officer in the Coldstream Guards, and upon the latter's first visit to Wiscombe Park the duo decided that it would be ideal for a hill climb course. After much planning, organisation and consultation, involving Denis 'Jenks' Jenkinson, the first hill climb meeting was staged on August 24th 1958. One of the organising clubs was the Yeovil car Club and the drivers paid thirty shillings (£1.50) to enter. At this time the course finished at the Sawbench hairpin. Castle Staright and the Martini Hairpin were added during the winter of 1960/61. The following year saw the first visit of the National R.A.C. Championship.

Catering facilities are available in the competitors paddock (admission FREE of charge) where a selection of food and beverages are available, both hot and cold, including breakfast rolls etc. A licenced bar is also open at the appropriate hours offering a range of alcoholic drinks including beers from the local Otter Brewery. You can also enjoy an icecream whilst you relax and watch the action.